Calories in Gravy

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Is Gravy Bad For You?

The word “gravy” often stirs up images of a rich, thick, flavorful sauce, but it also causes people to wonder “is gravy healthy?” This sauce is very fattening because of what is in gravy. Beef gravy is made from the fat and juices obtained from cooked meat, with flour or another thickener added to it. Although fattening, like all foods it can be enjoyed in moderation. When it is, several vitamins and minerals are provided, including B12, folate, thiamin, and niacin. Sodium is also provided in huge doses, which is not beneficial for those experiencing high blood pressure or heart problems.

Making The Perfect Gravy

If you’re cooking turkey, chicken, pork, beef or even sausage, you can make your own gravy from the drippings that accumulate during the cooking process. It is a good way of avoiding waste, although at a fattening price. The biggest complaint while making gravy is that it comes out lumpy. To avoid this, mix the thickener, whether cornstarch or flour, in boiling water to dissolve it first. Then add this mixture to the drippings and stir until smooth. Heat for a few minutes after that and you should be left with thick, smooth gravy.