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Calories in Grapefruits

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Different Types of Grapefruit

Whether it is ruby red, pink, or white, grapefruit health benefits include many nutrients good for your body. A variety of antioxidants are presented to your body upon consumption. These are needed for protecting your cells against oxidation, leaving them healthy and functioning properly. Studies have also shown that grapefruit can help control cholesterol levels and that the juice of grapefruit helps detoxify the liver. A low amount of calories makes it a great addition to a weight-loss plan. Although all varieties are good for you, the health benefits of grapefruit do vary slightly based on color. Pink grapefruit, for example, has additional antibacterial properties and higher vitamin and mineral concentrations. Before eating any variety, though, be sure to speak to your doctor if you are on medications since grapefruit is known to interfere with certain types.

What to Eat With Grapefruit

With the recent creativity of chefs all over the world, grapefruit has become a very versatile fruit. It can be part of a meal, salad, or dessert! A few slices on the side during breakfast adds some flavor and variety, cut up into chunks and mixed into a green leaf salad gives it a kick, or broiled with cinnamon sprinkled on top brings out all the juices and flavors for a treat that practically melts in your mouth. The options are endless!