Calories in Granola Bars

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Are Granola Bars Healthy?

Granola bars, sometimes mixed with fruit, nuts, and other ingredients, are a popular snack during the day, before or after the gym, or even as a quick go-to meal when short on time. Despite the convenience and claims for low calorie granola bars, many are just the opposite of healthy. A quick read through the nutrition label and list of ingredients will reveal that the typical bar is jam-packed with carbohydrates, sugar, and additives, which might provide an initial burst of energy but will soon leave you feeling drained and crashed. Choosing a snack that is high in fiber and that provides more nutrients is healthier and will leave you feeling more satisfied for longer.

Alternatives for Granola Bars

If you are craving a granola bar but want to avoid the sugar rush, consider making your own at home by searching for recipes online. Being able to control the ingredients allows you to make a more nutritious snack and cater the bar to your liking. Adding fresh fruit contributes natural flavoring and sweetness to the mix, and ingredients like peanut butter and sliced nuts add protein and healthy fats. If you want to avoid the bars all together, healthy snack options include fresh fruit like apples and bananas, a handful of nuts, yogurt, and many others.