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Calories in Grains

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Are Grains Good For You?

A variety of grains are one of the groups of foods that The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends for daily eating. Wheat, corn, rice, oats…all are options, but at least three servings per day should be whole grains. A look at what is in grains reveals why. Whole grains are not refined, meaning that they have all parts of the kernel intact. This offers more nutrients, like fiber, which are lost when the grain is refined. These grains health benefits come from the additional fiber and nutrients and include help with glucose control, healthy digestive systems, and keeping you full longer.

Using Grains In Your Cooking

Calories among the grains vary, but in proper portions low calorie grains include brown rice, quinoa, bulgur, barley, and more. The health benefits of grains can be obtained by incorporating them into your every day dishes. Soups with brown rice and vegetables, or salads with barley or quinoa mixed in are an easy way to get your recommended servings in each day. Paired with protein such as grilled chicken or steak with a crunchy side salad or steamed vegetables also results in a delicious lunch or dinner meal.