Calories in Graham Crackers

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What Is In Graham Crackers?

Graham crackers are one of the most popular snack foods for both children and adults. Fondest memories of eating them come when thinking of S’mores and cheesecake crusts. These foods should already be an indication that this snack is not the healthiest choice. Ingredients include graham flour, which is a high fiber coarse wheat flour, although refined flours are used today as well. Together with sugar, molasses, honey, and cinnamon, the characteristic sweet, nutty, and coarse flavor and texture is created. Store-bought packages may also contain some unhealthy and uncommon flavorings and preservatives, so make sure to read the ingredients label before consuming. A quick search will reveal a recipe for making your own at home, but make sure to enjoy in moderation as this snack is calorie dense and doesn’t offer many health benefits.

What to Eat With Graham Crackers

When enjoying graham crackers in moderation, consider pairing with healthier choices for a nutritious and low calorie graham crackers snack. For something sweet, instead of dipping in chocolate or caramel try some unsweetened applesauce. Peanut butter is also a good choice for some protein, or any type of nut butter. Low-fat cream cheese is another popular option.