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Calories in Goat Cheese

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Health Benefits of Goat Cheese

When choosing what cheese to buy at the supermarket, many often wonder “is goat cheese better for you?” Comparing to cow’s cheese and others like cheddar reveals some goat cheese health benefits. For those who suffer after eating dairy products from cow’s milk, goat cheese offers a good alternative because it contains less lactose and smaller, easier to digest fat molecules. It is also lower in calories, sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol than many others, making it a healthier choice. Other goat cheese health facts that show why is goat cheese healthy include the variety of vitamins and minerals it offers, among them vitamins A, D and K, thiamine and niacin. Despite goat cheese being healthier, however, make sure to still enjoy in moderation!

What to Eat With Goat Cheese?

The facts above show why is goat cheese good for you. To obtain the benefits, incorporate it creatively in your meals and snacks. For breakfast and snacks, spread some on a whole-wheat toast or a cracker. Crumble some into salads instead of the more popular feta cheese, or melt some over a dish of pasta or pizza instead of mozzarella or Parmesan cheese. The options are endless!