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Calories in Ginger

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Is Ginger Good For You?

Ginger has been known throughout history as a common treatment for a variety of sicknesses. Ancient healers often used this root, and modern day scientists have performed many studies to reveal actual ginger health benefits. Ginger has been shown to kill cancer cells in breast cancer, ease inflammation and pain, kill microbes, increase salivation, and more. Other studies hinted at the answer to “is ginger good for weight loss” by showing that it makes fat digestion easier and increases energy levels. Although these studies have revealed many ginger health facts, many more are needed to confirm its use as a working treatment to diseases.

What To Eat With Ginger?

Incorporating ginger into your diet is an easy of obtaining the health benefits of ginger. Fresh ginger, whether sliced, grated, or pureed, can be incorporated into breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Add some to hot tea for a unique ginger taste, or incorporate some into soup for some zest. Using it as a spice in meals like fish and stir-fries is a good way to obtain the health effects of ginger, as well as into baking recipes to make ginger cookies and pies. Although a favorite winter spice, it can be used all year round.