Calories in Ginger Cookies

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Are Ginger Cookies Good For You?

Although ginger cookies do contain ginger, which offers a variety of health benefits, they also contain many other sweet and fatty ingredients that outweigh the benefits of the ginger. Studies on ginger health benefits revealed that it could kill cancer cells in breast cancer, ease inflammation and pain, kill microbes, increase salivation, and more. Incorporating some into the diet can also help with fat digestion and increasing energy levels. More studies are needed to confirm all of these facts, however. In addition to the ground ginger, a typical recipe for ginger cookies also contains sugar, butter, flour, and molasses, all of which add many calories, carbohydrates, and fat. The flavor may be amazing, but the health benefits are not so make sure to enjoy this treat in moderation.

Making Your Own Ginger Cookies

If you are buying store bought ginger cookies it may be hard to find a healthier, lower calorie version. The best way to make low calorie ginger cookies is to make your own. Making simple swaps like using whole-wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour will add nutrients like fiber to this desert. Using less sugar will also decrease the calories, and low-fat butter instead of margarine is a healthier choice as well.