Calories in German Food

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Healthy German Food Facts

German cuisine is classically hearty and comprised of various fat-laden meat, sides, and desserts. While you may not think there is any healthy German food, many chefs are incorporating cooking techniques from neighboring countries France and Italy into their dishes. However, many German food calories do come from foods like bratwurst, cheese, fried potatoes, and desserts. Because these foods are high in energy density, pair them with low density foods such as vegetables, fruits, broth-based soups and whole grains. But remember, just because the classic apple strudel contains a fruit, it is also loaded with butter, and not a healthy option.

Oktoberfest and German Food Information

Oktoberfest is the largest public festival in the world and it is held in Munich every year. This festival highlights all German food information and culture. Germany is known for their wursts which include cold cuts and sausage. These meats are from lamb, beef, or pork, chicken or can even be made from liver and tongue. Sausage is typically paired with sauerkraut, potato salad, or rolls or can be prepared in a stew or casserole. Something you may not know is that Germany prepares more varieties of bread than any other country including the famous pretzel roll.