Calories in Garlic Sauce

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What Is In Garlic Sauce?

One of the more popular uses of garlic is to incorporate a few cloves into sauce to give them a distinct taste and smell. Garlic sauce is most often used in stir-fry and seafood dishes. There are dozens of variations, from different textures and tastes. It can be creamy, watery, and include many different spices. Low calorie garlic sauce can be made at home, simply with a head of garlic, two cups of oil, and some fresh lemon juice. Common additions are different vinegars, cornstarch, and soy sauce. The end result is high in fat, but if enjoyed in moderation this sauce can become part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Health Benefits of Garlic Sauce

Garlic sauce offers all of the benefits of garlic, but the additional ingredients often outweigh these benefits. Nevertheless, the main active compound, called allicin, provides many of the benefits. Some studies have revealed that garlic in the diet can slightly lower blood pressure, reduce cancer and heart disease risk, and act as an antibacterial. At the same time it can cause an upset stomach, body odor, and interfere with medications. In the case of garlic sauce, it may also break your calorie bank without you realizing it.