Calories in Garlic

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Is Garlic Good For You?

The scent of garlic may scare the vampires away, but the health benefits of garlic should attract you into incorporating it into your meals. Known for its distinct taste and smell, it has been used for centuries in both cooking and healing. Many of the health effects of garlic can be attributed to a compound called allicin, which is also the main active compound. Some studies have revealed garlic health facts like its ability in helping slightly lower blood pressure, reduce cancer and heart disease risk, and act as an antibacterial. Although many garlic health benefits exist, you should take caution as it can cause an upset stomach, body odor, and interfere with medications.

Different Forms of Garlic

The facts above answer the question is garlic healthy and luckily there are several ways to incorporate it into your cooking to obtain the benefits. Garlic comes in different forms. Fresh garlic, which can leave a smell on your taste, is a popular addition to dishes and sauces. A clove or two, whether diced or made into a paste, will add a lot of flavor to soups, sauces, salads, and sautés. You can also buy powdered and ground garlic, like the kind you find in pizza parlors. This type is good to incorporate into spice mixtures or to sprinkle over foods for more flavor.