Calories in Fruit Smoothies

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Fruit Smoothies Calories

Fruit smoothies are one of those beverages that the calories can vary greatly depending on how they are prepared and the ingredients they are prepared with. One cup of a fruit smoothie made from only fruit products will contain about 130 calories. The same size made with non-fat dairy products will contain about 200 calories. Most commercial products, however, are way more than 1 cup. Many places will offer a 20-ounce equivalent to 500 fruit smoothies calories. When ordering a fruit smoothie make sure to ask what ingredients are used to prepare it to ensure you are getting a healthy beverage.

Fruit Smoothies Nutrition

Fruit smoothies nutrition for all types can be found here. Fruit smoothies, prepared with non-fat milk contain protein that will keep you full for longer. Although fruit smoothies contain high amounts of sugar, you are getting all the positive benefits of fruit. Be careful with the commercial fruit smoothie products as they can have up to 1500 calories! The best idea to consume a healthy fruit smoothie would be to make it on your own! Carefully portion frozen or fresh fruits and a little non-fat milk and you have a delicious, low calorie treat!