Calories in French Toast

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Is French Toast Healthy?

An easy and flavorful dish, French toast is unfortunately on the unhealthier side of the spectrum of breakfast choices. Since the answer to “is French toast bad for you” largely depends on how exactly it is made, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact nutrition content. In general, the dish is high in calories because it is dipped in eggs, full-fat milk, and then fried in oil and topped with butter and syrup. All of these ingredients contribute a large number of calories, sugar, and fat. A healthier version would be baked French toast, or different toppings and ingredients.

What to Eat With French Toast?

Common ingredients added to French toast, such as butter and syrup, result in a high-calorie breakfast oozing fat and sugar. Choosing healthier ingredients will create a low calorie French toast dish just as delicious, but a lot more nutritious. Starting from the beginning, the easiest way to add fiber and protein to the meal is to use whole-wheat bread instead of white bread. These added nutrients will keep you full longer. Using low-fat milk and egg whites to make the batter will cut out fat and cholesterol. Lastly, topping the bread with yogurt, chopped fruit, unsweetened applesauce, or nuts and spices like cinnamon will add much more flavor and nutrition compared to butter and syrup!