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Find the Calories in Oils

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Use Calorie Count's Food Browser to find Essential Fatty Foods

As much as you may think fat is bad for you, fat is essential to normal bodily function and consuming the right kinds of fats can actually help you maintain a healthy weight. Olive oil, butter, and salad dressings are all sources of fat in your diet. Use the Fats and Oils browser to get fatty food facts and determine the calories in oil. You may not know that some fats have other health benefits. While oil nutrition is complicated, and some oils are devoid of certain vitamins and minerals, certain fish oils have shown promise in improving overall health. For example, Cod Liver oil is full of Vitamin A.

You can also use the browser to find out which salad dressings are healthier than others. In addition to this, find healthier oils to use in cooking and food preparation. For example, there are options for mayonnaise made with olive oil now. Determine if making the switch is beneficial for you. Logging the fats and oils that you add to your food is frequently missed, but by using the browser, you will know how one tablespoon of coconut oil can add almost 14 grams of fat to a recipe. Whether you’re avoiding adding fat to your meals, or looking to educate yourself on its nutritional value, this browser page is a good launching pad.