Calories in Fat-Free Ice Cream

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What Is Fat-Free Ice Cream Made Of?

A glimpse into the ice-cream freezers at your local supermarket reveals dozens of brands of ice cream: Breyers, Turkey Hill, Haagen Dazs, Klondike and more. When it comes to types and flavors, there is even more variety: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate chip, and slow-churned, just to name a few. One of the most popular ones, however, is fat-free ice cream, lower in fat and overall calories. While regular ice cream is made with heavy cream, which piles on the fat, the ingredients in fat-free ice cream are slightly altered. Light cream and skim milk are used instead of heavy cream and full-fat milk. At the same time, be aware that other flavorings and ingredients may be added to make up for the difference in taste.

Is Fat-Free Ice Cream Healthy?

Companies take pride in advertising fat-free products, trying to make them appealing to those trying to lose weight and make healthier choices. This doesn’t always mean that they are actually healthier. Although the ice cream itself is lower in fat and calories, the flavoring and extra additives used to make up for the difference in flavor may not be healthy. Most important, the lower calories count doesn’t mean you can have as much as you want! Make sure to still enjoy in moderation and incorporate as part of a balanced diet.