Calories in European Food

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European Food Information

The cuisines of European countries are diverse by themselves, although there are some universal distinguishing characteristics. Meat, wheat, flour starches such as pastas and potatoes are most prominent in Europe. European food dishes have unique characteristics specific to both the climate and geographical location.

European Health Information

Most menus will have many varieties of fish such as salmon that which is a good source of heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids. However, be aware that many of the meats, commonly served are appetizers, such as salami and proscetta, and are very high in sodium and fat. In addition, cheeses served in all sorts of European food dishes can be high in saturated fats. Look here for European food information for each country to help you choose the healthiest options. When dining out, be careful about portion sizes, especially at Italian restaurants that are notoriously known for their large servings of pasta!