Calories in Ethiopian Food

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Customs and Ethiopian Food Calories

The most prominent religious sect in Ethiopia dictates many of the food customs in this country. There are fast days where meat is not consumed so there are many vegan dishes in the cuisine and eating pork is prohibited. Many Ethiopian food calories come from their staple unleavened bread, injera, which is prepared from a grain called tef. Injera is used as somewhat of a utensil when eating as healthy Ethiopian food like stews and beans are portioned into small amounts upon this tortilla-shaped bread and are rolled up to be consumed. A typical meal consists of several of these small dishes and no other utensils are used.

Ethiopian Food Nutrition Information

Because their meals are simple and much of the intake revolves around injera, Ethiopian food nutrition information is not diverse. The main sources of protein are from beans and peas which also provide carbohydrates, B vitamins, iron and other nutrients. Most people cannot afford to consume meat, fruits, or vegetables so Ethiopian food nutrition is not ideal. The food is spiced which provides lots of flavor, however, foreigners may not be able to tolerate this extremely hot spice of Ethiopia, so request milder options when dining out.