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Calories in Enchiladas

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What Is In Enchiladas?

Any Mexican restaurant is sure to have a few varieties of enchiladas on their menu. Although popular, low calorie enchiladas may be hard to come by. A typical one contains a form of meat that is usually chicken, beef, or pork, as well as beans, potatoes, cheese, vegetables, and chili pepper sauce. All of this is rolled into a corn tortilla. The enchilada is high in carbohydrates, fat, and salt. Usually it is simple carbohydrates that you are ingesting, which will cause a spike in blood sugar and leave you hungry quickly. The fats provided are likely saturated, which aren’t healthy for your heart. The high sodium content will leave you bloated and should be avoided by those with hypertension and heart problems. Make sure to enjoy this treat in moderation.

What to Eat With Enchiladas

Although enchiladas are a meal to be enjoyed alone, many times they are served with sides. To balance out their heaviness, a good choice is a simple mixed greens salad, even with a light lemon and herb dressing. Guacamole can be served on the side to add some heart-healthy fats, as well as sour cream. Sautéed vegetables are also a popular choice.