Calories in Eggs

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What Is In Eggs?

There are rumors that consuming eggs too often isn’t healthy even though eggs health benefits are numerous. Although they do contain quite some cholesterol, all of the other nutrients they provide reveal why are eggs healthy. From about 80 calories per large egg, about 50 come from fat. Like with all foods, if consumed in great amounts the answer to “are eggs bad for you” is yes, but 4-6 eggs per week can be safely incorporated into your diet if you do not have high cholesterol, diabetes, or other heart conditions. The cholesterol mainly comes from the yolk, and eating egg whites only can help reduce the amount. Choline and protein are also among the nutrients provided by a serving of eggs, contributing to healthy cells and body.

What To Eat With Eggs

The egg health facts above hint at why are eggs good for you, but what you pair with them influences the health benefits of eggs that you get as well. Whether hard-boiled, fried, baked in quiche, or scrambled, low calorie eggs dishes depend on what the other ingredients are. Pairing them with different vegetables of your choice, for example bell peppers, onions, zucchini, and others, to make an omelet will add nutrients to the meal and leave you full longer. When incorporated into a sandwich, for example bacon, egg, and cheese, the calorie and fat content will be much higher.

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