How many calories should I eat while breastfeeding?
Asked by serenmorris on Aug 11, 2009 in Family & Pregnancy

I want to lose weight while keeping up with a good diet because I’m breastfeeding.  My pre-pregnancy weight was 120 lbs and my after-baby weight as of now is 140 lbs.  How many calories should I be consuming?


I see that your height is 5’4” and so you were at “ideal weight” before your pregnancy.  In that case, you need to eat the number of calories it takes to maintain your pre-pregnancy weight - which is 1800 a day -  plus 500 calories more while breastfeeding, which takes you to 2300 calories per day.  Do not eat less if your baby has not begun to eat solid food.  Trust that your weight will return to 120 pounds on a balanced diet of wholesome food with light exercise on most days.  Read about your nutritional needs while breastfeeding at

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