Calories in Dunkin Donuts Coffee

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Dunkin Donuts Information

Dunkin Donuts offers many specialty drinks such as Coolattas, lattes, and flavored coffee. These drinks contain hundreds of calories with several grams of fat and sugar. A Coolatta can range from 400-800 calories! Once in a while, okay but Dunkin Donuts calories add up easily and would cause weight gain if consumed on a regular basis. Look here for Dunkin Donuts health facts and help choosing the best options.

Healthy Dunkin Donuts

Healthy Dunkin Donuts is now simple with their new DDSmart Menu. Dunkin Donuts information on all of their beverages can be found here or on their website. Items on the DDSmart menu are the healthier, fat free or sugar free options of your favorite drinks. If in the mood for a treat there are now many more options. Try a small Latte Lite that contains only 80 calories and 0 grams of fat. Other options like the Nonfat Coffee Coolatta contain only 140 calories and 0 grams of fat. Beware that a small coffee Coolatta contains 240 calories! In addition to their DDSmart menu they have another section on their website that lists the items under 300 calories.