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Calories in Duck

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Is Duck Good For You?

Duck is considered a delicacy in several countries around the world and is enjoyed in different ways depending on the country. Variations include cooking styles and different parts. The specific variations answer the question of whether or not is duck healthy and reveal the health benefits of duck. One of the macronutrients provided in greatest quantity is protein, and the amount varies from part to part, with the leg generally having the most per serving. Niacin, which helps with fat metabolism and cholesterol control, is also abundant, as ell as iron, necessary for red blood cell function. These duck health benefits are often considered outweighed by the high fat content, but healthy preparation can help make a healthier dish.

Healthy Duck Preparation

Duck lovers are often concerned with the question of “is duck fattening?” Although there is quite a lot of fat on it (about 11 grams per 3.5 oz), some tricks in the kitchen help ensure that you are not consuming too much of it. Keeping the duck off the bottom of the roasting pan prevents it from swimming and soaking up fat. Removing the skin is also beneficial. Choosing what to eat with duck also contributes to the overall calorie content of the meal. A side of brown rice, other whole grains, and salad greens are all great options.