Calories in Dinner Rolls

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What Are Dinner Rolls?

Light, soft, fluffy, and often times sweet, dinner rolls have become a tradition to be served at the dinner table at home and in restaurants alike. They are meant to be eaten as bread, and a simple recipe for a batch of rolls is very similar to a bread recipe. It involves yeast, milk, butter, eggs, flour, sugar, and water. Restaurants will often add extra flavorings to make the rolls super soft, light, and flavorful for you to enjoy. Dinner rolls are high in carbohydrates, so be sure to enjoy in moderation.

Healthier Dinner Rolls

Making your own low calorie dinner rolls is very easy to do when swapping ingredients to cut some calories and fat. For example, using skim milk instead of full-fat milk or light butter instead of full-fat butter when making the dough are two options. Another way to cut calories is to minimize the additions made when enjoying them. For example, butter is often times served with the rolls. Avoid spreading any butter on them, and don’t pair them up with starches that are already incorporated into your meal, like rice or potatoes. Dinner rolls are great do dip in soups, however!