Calories in Desserts

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Different Types of Desserts

Nowadays, a meal is often considered incomplete if it doesn’t have some form of dessert following it. Desserts are even enjoyed by themselves at cafes or with a cup of tea, just to satisfy that sweet tooth. Be it candy, a small éclair, a cup of ice cream, cupcakes, cake, brownies, or any of the hundreds of choices available, chances are that low calorie desserts are rarely part of the menu. Often times, they are filled with sugar, cream, and dairy, contributing to a high calorie, carbohydrate, and fat content without offering many beneficial nutrients. The best way to enjoy them is in moderation, every once in a while, or to make your own healthy versions. This way you can control the ingredients, make healthy swaps (such as using whole wheat flour or replacing butter with avocado) and even enjoy them more often.

Choosing Healthier Desserts

Making low calorie desserts can be as easy as swapping ingredients to cut the fat, carbs, and calories while adding beneficial nutrients. Using whole-wheat flour, for example, will add fiber. Adding Greek yogurt will provide some protein, and avocado for butter will add healthy fats to the dessert. Experiment even more with desserts by using fruit and vegetables to make them even healthier. Making a bowl of ice cream from frozen bananas sprinkled with semi-sweet chocolate chips, for example, is a healthy treat that is just as delicious as the store-bought ice cream.