How many calories does deep frying add?
Asked by slimmingcici on Apr 13, 2010 in Nutrition

I recently ate a deep fried samosa and I can find information on what it is before the deep frying, but cannot find anything for after deep frying. Is there a general addition for foods that have been deep fried?


There is no easy formula to calculate the calorie cost of deep-frying.  Even though all cooking oils contain 100 calories per tablespoon, the amount of oil that gets absorbed into the food is not always the same.  Foods that are fried very quickly actually retain very little oil, whereas food absorbs excess oil when the oil is not hot enough, the fryer is overloaded, the oil is old, or the batter-coat is thick.  The calorie variation due to deep frying may be low, such as the 20 calorie difference between this roasted chicken breast and this fried chicken breast, or it can be very high, like 3 calories for two raw onion rings compared to 125 calories for two fried onion rings.

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