Calories in Curry

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Is Curry Good For You?

Curry is a popular dish not only in the Indian culture, but also in Asian countries and now in the Unites States and around the world. What is in curry offers many benefits, but of course the health benefits of curry depend on the specific ingredients. There is a large variety of low calorie curry made, and any dish may consist of meat, poultry, fish, a variety of vegetables, and gravies. Main ingredients differ among countries, causing a variety of flavors all over the world. The ingredients that do stay constant and give curry health benefits are the spices, in particular turmeric, which may help lower blood cholesterol. Other spices like ginger, red chili, cumin, and onion also may help with weight loss by contributing to feeling satiated. Like with all foods, is curry healthy and is curry fattening depends on the amount that is eaten. Although healthy, make sure to control portions so you don’t overload on calories.

What to Eat With Curry?

Due to the various ingredients incorporated into a curry dish, it can many times be enjoyed on its own, with no additions. Common additions, however, include rice and bread. Choose brown rice and whole wheat bread to add fiber to the meal. Another option is placing the curry over a bed of salad greens, like spinach and kale. If curry is healthy, this will add even more nutrients!