Calories in Cucumber

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What Is In Cucumbers?

Cucumbers have been around for more than 10,000 years. Probably the largest known cucumber health fact since that time is its potential to hydrate, since almost 96% of a cucumber is made up of water. This answers yes to the question: is cucumber good for you, since the body is also made of mostly water and needs it to function properly and survive. Water is the most important nutrient you can feed your body. The health benefits of cucumber don’t end there, however. They are also packed with vitamin A, an antioxidant that is also beneficial for good vision, as well as vitamin K, used in blood clotting, and potassium, which plays a role in metabolism and tissue development.

What to Eat With Cucumber?

Since cucumbers are mostly made up of water, they are considered bland when it comes to taste. Although as pickles they can offer a kick of salty flavor, there are other ways to enjoy them without packing on the sodium. They make a refreshing and light addition to salads, especially on hot summer days. Cutting them up in spears and incorporating into a vegetable platter with a dip of your choice is also an option for getting cucumber health benefits.