Calories in Cream Soda

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How Healthy Is Cream Soda?

Popular in several countries, cream soda is a vanilla-flavored and carbonated soft drink chock full of unhealthy ingredients. A look at what is in cream soda reveals is cream soda bad for you. Made of carbonated water, sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup, vanilla extract, and various preservatives, artificial flavorings and coloring, it provides 120 calories for 8 oz. This may not see like much, but the calories do add up! At 31 grams of sugar, complications such as weight gain and health problems also need to be considered. There is also almost 20 grams of caffeine present in the 8 ounces, and although small amounts of this substance are all right in the diet, intake should be limited. In general, cream soda should be enjoyed in high moderation, or a healthier alternative should be used to replace it altogether.

Healthy Alternatives to Cream Soda

For those who cannot completely quit drinking cream soda right away, diet cream soda may be an option. It does not contain the sugar and calories found in the regular drink, but it still contains about 15 mg of caffeine and even more sodium than the original! The diet version should still be enjoyed in moderation because it also contains preservatives that can be harmful to your health. The best alternative is pure water, mixed with lemon or cucumber slices for some added flavor. Green tea is also a great option to enjoy throughout the day.