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Is Cream Bad For You?

Whether in sauces or soups or your favorite desserts or drinks, cream is a large source of excess calories and unhealthy saturated fat. There are few other nutrients offered, and needless to say the health benefits of cream are few as a result. The most common variety is heavy cream, and even though there are low calorie cream alternatives that are lighter, cream health benefits are still few and far between. This byproduct of cow’s milk provides over 50 calories per tablespoon (heavy cream), most of which are from fat, and over 20 mg of cholesterol! Although calcium is present in significant amounts, as well as a small amount of vitamin A, these nutrients are not enough to balance out the negative cream health facts. Of course, as with any food, some cream can be enjoyed in high moderation, but not often!

Healthy Alternatives to Cream

Coffee and pastries are common examples of what to eat with cream, but since what is in cream is not healthy you may want to opt for alternatives that won’t break your calorie bank but still taste great. For example, fat-free versions of half and half, or different types of milk with distinct flavors, such as soy or almond milk, are good options, whether for drinks, dishes, or sauces. You can also find low calorie whipping cream, such as Cool Whip. When making sauces you can forget the cream altogether and use stock, fond, and flavorful wines to create creamy toppings.