Calories in Cream Cheese

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Is Cream Cheese Good For You?

A look at what is in cream cheese will tell if this creamy, low-carb treat can be incorporated into your diet. Often used in various dishes, or just as a snack, health benefits of cream cheese stem from the several nutrients it provides. One of the most popular cream cheese health facts includes it being low in calories: in general, 1 tablespoon provides about 40 calories. It is also very low in carbohydrates, coming in at only 1 gram per tablespoon. Compared to various cheeses, it is a low fat food, containing 4 grams per tablespoon, about half of which are saturated fat. Although the saturated fat makes one wonder: is cream cheese unhealthy or is cream cheese fattening, if you watch your portion sizes it is a great food to incorporate into the diet. Unfortunately, cream cheese is also low in vitamins, minerals, and protein, which may leave you feeling hungry if eaten alone.

What to Eat With Cream Cheese

Most often found at the breakfast table, cream cheese is often a spread on bagels or bread. For a more nutritious breakfast, choose to spread it over whole grains. The additional fiber will keep you fuller longer. Cream cheese health benefits can also be obtained through snacks. Dip some celery or carrot sticks into it, or spread some over crackers. In this case, yogurt or cottage cheese can be used as a healthy alternative to cream cheese as well.