Calories in Cranberries

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Are Cranberries Good For You?

Whether fresh, dry, or juiced, incorporating cranberries into your diet will provide your body with various health benefits of cranberries. Although best known for helping maintain a healthy urinary tract, cranberries are also beneficial for the heart. In addition, they contain many antioxidants that will help rid your body of free radicals destructive to cells and organs of the body. Other cranberries health benefits include flavonoids that protect against cancer, such as quercetin, and benefits to the eyes, as they have been shown to improve symptoms of conditions such as cataracts and retinopathy. The important thing to remember is not consume them when they have added sugar, as all these cranberries health facts would be outbalanced by the negative effects of the sugar.

What to Do With Cranberries?

Besides eating them fresh or juiced, cranberries can be incorporated into dishes. Their sour taste can add immense amounts of flavor to a snack or a meal. You can add a few to tea, or mix into yogurt or a salad. You can also crush them and cook them down to make a tangy sauce to pour over a dish or use as a spread. The options are endless!