Calories in Couscous

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Is Couscous Good For You?

Couscous is a popular grain replacement for quinoa and rice in salads and Middle Eastern dishes. A look at what is in couscous reveals if is couscous bad for you. It is made of small balls of semolina dough, similar to pasta. However, it is lower in calories than both rice and quinoa, coming in at 176 calories per cup. The mineral and protein content are other couscous health benefits that indicate that is couscous healthy. Although a cup does not provide as much protein as quinoa does, it does provide some: 6 grams per cup. A single cup is a good source of selenium and potassium, both good for heart health. The question of is couscous fattening depends on the portion size you eat and your calorie expenditure, but the fat content is almost nonexistent. Obtain these health benefits of couscous by incorporating it into your diet, but be sure to enjoy in moderation.

What to Eat With Couscous?

There is a large variety of cultural and traditional low calorie couscous dishes that take into account all the above couscous health facts. Preparing the couscous simply involves boiling it in some water and fluffing it with a fork, but deciding what to do with it is the hard part. You can pair it with meat, chicken, or fish with sautéed vegetable. Another option is incorporating it into salads. There are a large number of recipes available to choose from.