Calories in Cottage Cheese

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Is Cottage Cheese Good For You?

Cottage cheese is a popular option with many trying to lose weight. A look at what is in cottage cheese truly reveals is cottage cheese good for weight loss. Since it is low in calories and high in protein, it is a beneficial food to incorporate into the diet. Some cottage cheese health benefits include being a source of calcium, needed for strong bones and body health. Is cottage cheese bad for you may be if you are lactose intolerant, since it contains lactose, a natural sugar found in dairy products. Also, although there are different fat contents available for cottage cheese, low calorie cottage cheese contains less fat than or is fat free compared to the full 4 percent fat variety. If is cottage cheese fattening depends on how much you consume though, so make sure to eat in moderation.

What to Eat With Cottage Cheese?

Obtaining the health benefits of cottage cheese described by the above cottage cheese health facts is easy when you incorporate it into your diet. It is a great food to be eaten by itself as a snack, or add some fruit, nuts, or granola. Great as dips, you can use vegetables like carrots or broccoli florets and dip them in. There are also a variety of flavors available, from chocolate to fruit flavors, but be aware that these do contain added calories.