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Calories in Corn Meal

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What Is In Corn Meal?

Made from ground sweet corn, corn meal has a flour-like consistency and is considered a native staple food in the Americas. It comes in different varieties. It can be different colors such as yellow, white, blue, or red depending on the type of corn that was used, or it can be fine, medium, or coarse, which determines what dish it can be used for. The texture does not affect if is corn meal healthy, but whether it is whole or degermed will play a role in the question is corn meal good for you. Whole cornmeal has more important nutrients that are lost when milled to make the degermed version, so the whole version is healthier. Either way, cornmeal is considered a grain and provides many nutrients, including 18 amino acids, vitamins B, E, and K, and a variety of minerals.

What to Make With Corn Meal?

Corn meal can be used to make anything from treats to dinner. One of the more popular uses is for making corn muffins or cornbread. Since it is gluten-free, chances are the baked product won’t have a crumbly texture unless mixed with other flours such as wheat flour. Other uses include making polenta or grits, in which corn meal is the main ingredient. Tortillas, tamales, some Mexican drinks, and cornmeal pudding can also be made!