Calories in Corn Flakes

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Are Corn Flakes Healthy?

Corn flakes have become a popular breakfast cereal. Compared to other cereals, these flakes are a healthier choice due to their low calorie, sodium and sugar content, and because they contain no fat or cholesterol. A cup of corn flakes, whether generic or brand-name, has only 100 calories! Although brand-name flakes have a slightly higher carbohydrate, sodium, and potassium content, the major differences end there. These crispy flakes made of corn also provide the body with vitamins and minerals, specifically vitamin A, C, and iron. Fortified flakes may provide an even larger variety. Of course, frosted flakes have a much higher sugar content, and are not as healthy of a choice, but a bowl of plain corn flakes can be a beneficial and delicious addition to your diet.

What to Eat With Corn Flakes?

Although corn flakes may seem bland and are often unappealing because they become soggy, there are ways to spice them up as a breakfast. Adding slices of fruit or berries, such as strawberries or blueberries, will add some natural sweetness and is a good way of getting your daily-recommended portions of fruit. Adding spices such as cinnamon is also a good option to give your bowl a kick. Chances are you are eating corn flakes with milk, but you can also break them up and mix them with a bowl of oatmeal or a cup of yogurt for some added crunch.