Calories in Cooking Spray

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What Is Cooking Spray Used For?

Although cooking spray is most often thought to be used to coat pans when baking and cooking in order to avoid sticking, it can actually be used for sautéing as well! There are a number of benefits associated with using it instead of actual oils. Sprays come in different varieties, including vegetable oil, olive oil, unflavored oils, and others. The type plays a role in determining is cooking spray healthy for use in your diet. Although the sprays are pure fat, just like the oil, they won’t add as much fat to the dish. Make sure you are allowed to use aerosol type sprays in your kitchen, and for safety make sure to keep them away from the flame!

Is Cooking Spray Bad For You?

When replacing oil in cooking, cooking spray offers several benefits. They provide less calories (some varieties even claim to be calorie free!) than using a tablespoon of oil will, and the result will be a dish that is less greasy. On the other hand, it may also come out too dry and with a different flavor. A variety of herbs and spices can be used to spice up that flavor, however, or you can choose a spray that has added flavor. Overall, cooking spray is healthier than using oil, but the option of which to use is up to you!