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What Is Considered A Condiment?

Condiments have become popular additions to all types of meals, from a low-calorie leafy salad to a big burger piled up with everything you can imagine. Although they may seem like small additions, calorie counters need to be very conscious about what exactly they are adding and, more importantly, how much they are adding to their food. It may seem that these additions are low in calories, but they can add a substantial amount of fat, carbs, and calories…sometimes up to and more then 300! Popular options are ketchup, mustard, salad dressings, and mayonnaise. Soy sauce, barbecue sauce, and relish are also options, among many others. Make sure to read nutrition labels and keep track of your portions. A small amount can still go a long way in adding flavor to your food!

What Are Healthier Condiment Choices?

Many companies offer low calorie condiments as options for those mindful of making healthier options, such as low-fat mayonnaise or low-calorie dressing. Other healthier options include lower-sodium versions of condiments, for example barbecue sauce or soy sauce. There are also several options that will add a kick to your food without adding any calories at all. Many varieties of yellow mustard come in zero calorie varieties, as well as hot sauce. When cooking, wine vinegar and lemon juice are also smart options that will go a long way.