Calories in Coleslaw

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Is Coleslaw Good For You?

Coleslaw is a popular and versatile salad often served as a side dish. A look at what is in coleslaw reveals is coleslaw bad for you and is coleslaw fattening. Most of the ingredients used to make coleslaw are vegetables that fill the dish with coleslaw health benefits: cabbage, carrots, broccoli, and mayonnaise. Cabbage, the main ingredient, provides fiber, vitamin K, c, B6, and folate, as well as calcium and potassium. Broccoli, which is not always used, provides similar nutrients. Carrots primarily provide vitamin A, good for the eyes and skin. The only ingredient that may be considered unhealthy is mayonnaise, but it does provide protein, fat, and other nutrients. For low calorie coleslaw, use low-fat mayonnaise,

What to Eat With Coleslaw?

The benefits mentioned above answer the question of is coleslaw healthy, but since it is a side dish you may be wondering what to eat with it to obtain the health benefits of coleslaw. Although popular with foods such as fried chicken and barbeque, it can also be part of a healthier sandwich or hot dogs. Eat a bigger portion by itself as a nutritious salad, or make it part of a healthy dish like grilled chicken or a whole-wheat bread sandwich.

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