Calories in Coconuts

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What Is In Coconuts?

Popular all over the world, coconuts are the seed of “The Tree of Life,” a tree whose parts provide either nutrition or some use in life. The health benefits of coconuts vary depending on the maturity of the fruit. Compared to an immature coconut, a mature coconut is more nutrient-dense, containing more fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and fat. It also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, thiamin, iron, potassium, and more! It also has a high amount of saturated fat, but studies have shown that these medium chain saturated acids actually may help cholesterol! A few of these chains, for example lauric acid, are converted into other compounds with antibacterial properties that can help the body stay healthy.

How Can I Get the Health Benefits of Coconuts?

If you’ve ever tried to eat a whole coconut, you know that they are not easy to crack open! If you do go through the process of trying to get it open, you can enjoy the white “meat” found inside raw or add it to drinks, salads, or your baking. Inside is also liquid known as coconut water, which has recently become popular for its nutrient and electrolyte content. Shredded coconut can also be obtained in stores for sprinkling on your food, and coconut oil for cooking. No matter how you have it, there are benefits to be gained.