Calories in Coconut Water

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Is Coconut Water Bad For You?

Coconut water has recently become very popular among athletes and non-athletes alike. A look at what is in coconut water reveals is coconut water healthy. The health benefits of coconut water make it one of the healthiest drinks available. This almond-flavored drink comes from the middle of a coconut, ready to drink, but some commercial versions may add to it or try to create their own. The natural sugars, salts, and vitamins help prevent and cure tiredness. It contains potassium, some sodium, and natural sugars, and iron, as well as a small amount of protein. For those wondering is coconut water fattening or is coconut water good for weight loss, even though it does contain almost 50 calories per cup, it is still considered healthy and can be incorporated into the diet sometimes.

Coconut Water vs. Sports Drinks

Coconut water has become popular as a pre and post-workouts drink. Looking at why is coconut water good for you compared to sports drinks, it is evident that coconut water health benefits play a significant role. Electrolyte content is high: for 100 mL, it contains about more than double the amount of potassium (almost 250 grams!). It also has about half the sodium of sports drinks, which is healthier. The natural sugars are also healthier than the added sugars found in sports drinks. These coconut water health facts should encourage you to pick up a glass and enjoy the drink!