Calories in Clams

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Are Clams Healthy For You?

Whether or not you are a fan of seafood, you are sure to have heard about the differing opinions on clams’ texture and taste. Although some consider them a strange dish, the health benefits of clams are numerous. They provide a high amount of iron: almost 25 grams for 9 small clams, more than the recommended daily amount. They also contain a good amount of lean protein omega-3 fatty acids, good for the heart. Different B vitamins are plentiful in this dish, as well as vitamin C and selenium, which is good for your thyroid. Clams can be enjoyed steamed, boiled, grilled, roasted, or fried, but be sure to keep track of added condiments such as melted butter, which will add a high amount of calories and fat and make a healthy dish not as healthy.

Health Risks Associated With Clams

As with all seafood, many are concerned with the toxic content of clams. Although almost all seafood has some amount of mercury in it, the content in clams is relatively low compared to other seafood. If you are concerned about the dangers, find out about where the clams were obtained, as the water source plays a huge role in the toxins found in this food. Also try to eat cooked clams instead of raw clams to avoid bacteria being introduced to your body. This is a concern for pregnant women especially. In general, the benefits of clams outweigh these minor risks.