Calories in Cinnamon Bread

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Is Cinnamon Bread Healthy?

Cinnamon bread has additional health benefits compared to traditional plain white bread, since it provides the health benefits of cinnamon. Some research shows that cinnamon can help keep blood sugars stable and reduce cholesterol. It also contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants that protect cells from damage. Despite these benefits, remember that cinnamon is only one of the ingredients. Although there are low calorie cinnamon bread versions sold in stores or that can be made at home, the bread can be carbohydrate dense. Enjoy in moderation!

Making Your Own Bread

When making your own cinnamon bread it is possible to control ingredients, thus baking a healthier version. With the variety of flowers, oils, and added ingredients, it may be hard to decide on what to use, especially if you’re not sure of the effects the ingredients will have on the final product. Try to opt for whole-wheat flour, as a whole-wheat version will help with keeping blood sugar levels stable and will provide more fiber to keep you full longer. The average amount of cinnamon used is around 1 tablespoon, and if this doesn’t seem like enough for an entire loaf of bread you can choose to add raisins or nuts for more flavor and texture. Remember that these will increase the caloric content as well! Natural sweeteners like honey can also replace a portion of the sugar that is needed, increasing the nutrient content for cinnamon bread that you are sure to enjoy.