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Calories in Chutney

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What Is Chutney?

Perhaps a less well-known condiment, chutney is a sweet and sour (but it can sometimes be a hot and spicy) treat. With a salsa-like consistency, it is made with fruits, vegetables, and spices that are slowly simmered. The most common fruits used are mangoes, peaches, apples, and apricots, just to name a few. Some common spices include garlic, cinnamon, ginger, mint, and more. It is easy to be creative with the ingredients and create different varieties with flavors that will please any taste palate. Although often made and served fresh, it can be bought canned as well. As one can imagine, chutney provides the benefits of the fruit and spices used, and is naturally sweet due to the sugar from the fruit.

What to Eat With Chutney?

Native to India, chutney is often served there as a freshly-made condiment alongside curry or cold meats and vegetables. In America, it is becoming popular used as jams might be, spread on bread, crackers, or tortilla chips. It is even served alongside large, formal meals in restaurants. The flavor and ingredients make it versatile enough for use with anything, and it is sure to give a tasty kick to any meal.