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Calories in Chorizo

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Is Chorizo Healthy?

Chorizo is a popular Spanish or Mexican sausage usually made from pork or beef. If bought fresh it must be cooked before eating, but ready to eat versions are also sold. A look at what is in chorizo reveals is chorizo bad for you. The curing and smoking process, just like with other sausages, results in a product that is high in sodium. On top of that, this sausage is also very high in calories, fat, and cholesterol. One 4-inch piece can contain almost 275 calories and 23 grams of fat, almost 9 of which is saturated fat. High saturated fat intake can play a role in contributing to heart disease and other health problems. The almost 750 mg of sodium can also contribute to health problems, and high intake is not recommended for those with high blood pressure. Although these drawbacks do exist, enjoying chorizo in moderation does offer some benefits, such as niacin, potassium, phosphorus, and some calcium in your diet.

What to Eat With Chorizo?

Chorizo is often cooked as sausages are. Many chili recipes use bits of chorizo, along with ingredients such as beans, vegetables, and herbs and spices. It can also be mixed with eggs to make an omelet, or in tacos. When cooking chorizo, it will give off a lot of fat, so make sure to drain all the grease before serving!

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