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Calories in Chocolate Syrup

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Is Chocolate Syrup Good For You?

Chocolate syrup is a popular condiment for many dishes, especially desserts. Year round, it is poured on ice cream and sorbet, puddings, mixed with milk, or spread on cakes and other sweet treats. Although delicious, this syrup is not the healthiest condiment. It is made from cocoa powder, water, and sugar, and may include corn syrup, malt, and other flavorings. By just looking at the ingredients, one can easily guess that this syrup is very high in sugar and calories. Overindulging can lead to an intake of too many calories, which will contribute to weight gain. It may be hard to keep track of how much of it you are eating, which will cause the calories to add up! In addition, this food can contribute to tooth decay and other problems. Although there are some benefits that come from the chocolate, such as flavonoids that protect the body against disease, make sure to enjoy chocolate syrup in moderation!

Making Chocolate Syrup

There are some low calorie chocolate syrup choices available on the market. They contain less sugar, or may use artificial sweeteners and preservatives, but making your own is still a healthier option. Some unsweetened cocoa powder mixed with water and sugar is sufficient, or you can choose to use natural sweeteners like honey. Even if making your own, sugar and calorie content will still be high so make sure to enjoy only once in a while!