Calories in Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Are Chocolate Chip Cookies Bad For You?

Chocolate chip cookies come in different sizes and shapes and depending on the recipe they can contain different ingredients besides the chocolate chips. They are popular with both kids and adults. In general, these cookies are a sweet treat that is high in calories and sugar. The benefits of the cookie vary depending on the ingredients used, but of course, the chocolate chips provide the same benefits as chocolate does. The flavonoids in them help protect your body against cancer and various diseases, and studies have shown that chocolate can help lower blood pressure. These benefits do not out-weight the nutritional content, however, so they must be enjoyed in moderation.

Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookies

It may be hard to find a healthier chocolate chip cookie in stores and supermarkets. Often times, those have a much larger amount of sugar and calories than if you were to make a batch at home. There are many different recipes available, and you can easily choose the one you like best to make some low calorie chocolate chip cookies. Using less sugar or swapping ingredients, such as the type of flour used or the type of chocolate chips used (sweetened vs. unsweetened, for example) can help cut the calories but still satisfy your sweet tooth.

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