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Is Chocolate Candy Bad For You?

Walking into a grocery store reveals the vast number of chocolate candy options available. There are chocolate bars, chocolate-covered wafers, chocolate balls, milk-chocolate with added nuts and raisins, and so much more! It is alright to enjoy these delicious treats once in a while, in moderation, since there are some health benefits associated with chocolate. For example, the flavonoids in them help protect your body against cancer and various diseases, and studies have shown that chocolate can help lower blood pressure. Despite this, chocolate candy is high in calories and overindulging can lead to several problems, such as a larger waistline, tooth decay, and more, due to all the sugar. Dark chocolate candy is generally healthier than milk chocolate, but should still be enjoyed in moderation.

Healthy Alternatives to Chocolate Candy

Everyone gets those cravings that they need to somehow satisfy. If a small portion of chocolate candy once in a while does not help satisfy those chocolate cravings, there are several alternatives. Low calorie chocolate candy, which usually contains less sugar, can be an option, but it still needs to be enjoyed in moderation. Beware that often 'diet' chocolate candy will add trans fats or artificial sweeteners to their products so check for those on the food label. Choosing raw, unprocessed dark chocolate may be your best bet.