Calories in Chicken Wings

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Are Chicken Wings Healthy?

A popular appetizer at restaurants and a comforting snack during games, chicken wings are one small part that can quickly pile on calories for your body. Most often deep fried in batter and covered in delicious sauces, a single chicken wing can contain about 160 calories, if not more, not counting the sauce! A single wing also provides almost 15% of your daily-recommended value for fat, and a substantial amount of cholesterol. When taking into account the added sauces that you dip them into, you can be adding 100 or more extra calories! Although there are some benefits that come from the wings, such as protein, phosphorus, and B vitamins, this food is easy to eat a lot of, but should be eaten in moderation.

How to Cook Healthy Chicken Wings

Just because the most common way to eat chicken wings is deep fried in batter and smothered in sauce doesn’t mean that there are not other, healthier, ways to enjoy them. There are several ways of cooking low calorie chicken wings. One way is steaming them. Steaming will help with decreasing the number of calories because it gets some of the fat out of the chicken that you will be eating. Roasting is another healthy method, as well as grilling. Often times, at restaurants, you can even ask for grilled wings instead of fried ones, making it possible to enjoy a healthier version of a not-so-healthy dish.