Calories in Chicken Thighs

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Are Chicken Thighs Healthy?

It is often said that chicken thighs are not as healthy as other parts of chicken, such as the chicken breast. Although there is truth in these numbers when comparing the nutritional content, chicken thighs are still a healthy option when cooked properly. In addition, many consider them to be more flavorful. When comparing numbers, a 3 ounce serving of chicken thighs has only about 40 extra calories than the same serving of chicken breast (180 vs. 140 calories), slightly more cholesterol, and about double the fat. However, only 2 grams of that fat is saturated fat, and often times when cooking chicken breast oil is used for flavoring and moistness, which isn’t necessary when cooking chicken thighs. They are naturally flavorful. In addition, they provide many nutrients, including protein, various B vitamins such as niacin and B6, as well as zinc and phosphorus and others in smaller amounts.

What to Eat With Chicken Thighs?

The varieties of low calorie chicken thighs dishesthat can be created are limitless. When cooking, the method of cooking can influence the nutritional content of the dish, in particular the fat content. Before cooking, try to trim off skin and visible fat. Healthier cooking methods include roasting, baking, and grilling, and added fat is usually not necessary for flavor since this part is naturally flavorful. Whatever method of cooking you choose, chicken thighs are great served over brown rice or whole wheat pasta, as part of a salad, or any creative dish!