Calories in Chicken Sausage

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Is Chicken Sausage Good For You?

You may have seen a variety of chicken sausages being sold at your local deli. A look at what is in chicken sausage reveals is chicken sausage healthy. Chicken sausages are made from ground chicken mixed with a variety of additives, including fat, salt, seasoning, preservatives, and fillers. They may also contain forms of nitrate, which may increase risk of cancer. They are also usually high in sodium, which can cause bloating and is not the best option for those worried about hypertension. Fat content is also high. This food should be enjoyed in moderation!

What to Eat With Chicken Sausage

You may have seen chicken sausages used as hot dogs at a summer barbeque. Although delicious, there are other options as well! They can be chopped up and incorporated into a salad, mixed with various greens and vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and others. In this way, the salad has some added protein. They can be grilled or boiled and wrapped in whole-wheat pita or tortillas, or even thrown into a soup or larger casserole dish. There are many options, but be sure to watch out for the sodium and fat content and enjoy in moderation!